BluSense Diagnostics

Marco Donolato
CSO & President
Robert Burger
Steffen Severinsen
Finance Manager
John McCormack
Cartridge Development Manager
Mattias Parmvi
Biochemistry Manager
Melanie Bade
R&D Scientist
Louise Borgeskov
Reagent Development Team Lead
Jeppe Fock
Senior Researcher
Tommaso Kircheis
Executive Assistant
Pearlyn Pah
Research Assistant
Ashleigh Wee
Production and Logistics Assistant
Louise Pettersson
Product and Laboratory Manager
Ana Valente
Production Team Lead
Shuo Zhang
Senior R&D Engineer
Safiya Nefzi
R&D Scientist
Jean Mamplata Egelund
Process Operator
Alicja Waliszewska
HR & Office Responsible
Antia De La Campa Veras
R&D Biochemical Engineer
Sarah Elghandja
QA/QC Specialist
Christian le Dous
Process Operator
Martin Gedsted Christensen
R&D Engineer
Sonya Christensen
Laboratory Technician
Noura Daoud
Laboratory Technician Intern
Noran Galal
Student Assistant
Roxana Podaru
Process Operator
Aditya Vijaychandra
IT Assistant

BluSense Biotech

Jessie Sun
Foo Chang
Mechanics & Production Director
Ming-Hung Chang
Software & Hardware Director
Ken Shiu
Mechanics Deputy Manager
Cloud Yu
Electronics Deputy Manager
Dusan Arsenijevic
Software Manager
Albert Lin
Production Engineer
Alex Espinoza
QA Deputy Manager
Kristy Hsiao
Administrative Responsible
Tony Liao
PhD Student